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ESRI Programme of Research, funded by the Department of Social and Family Affairs.

Since 1987 the Department of Social and Family Affairs (DSFA) has funded a programme of policy-relevant research on poverty, social exclusion and social welfare carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI). The research programme has played a central role in informing the National Anti-Poverty Strategy and the National Action Plans against Poverty and Social Exclusion, in terms of the measurement of trends in key indicators, the identification of vulnerable groups, and the understanding of the causes of poverty.

Of particular significance has been the ‘Monitoring Poverty Trends in Ireland’ series, which used the Living in Ireland Survey to monitor poverty in Ireland and which provided the data on poverty levels in Ireland prior to the introduction of the EU Survey on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) in 2003 and conducted by the CSO.

More than twenty studies directly undertaken under the programme have been published by the ESRI. In addition, the research carried out under this programme has facilitated the production of 20 other books or monographs, 41 papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, and 43 book chapters or other published papers.

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ESRI Research and Publications

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