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Young Social Innovators

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Young Social Innovators Annual Showcase 2013

8 May 2013, Citywest Hotel and Convention Centre, Saggart Co Dublin

The Young Social Innovators showcase is an annual event. In 2012 some 5,000 young people, in over 200 schools and centres took part in 300 social innovation projects throughout the year. It is the biggest celebration of social activism in Ireland and provides an opportunity for these young people to show what work they have done in the year to change the world for good. The projects are competing for the Challenge Awards and for the overall title of Young Social Innovators of the Year. For more information see

Department of Social Protection Involvement
The Social Inclusion Division in the Department of Social Protection has sponsored the award ‘Making Our Country more Inclusive and Poverty Free’ for the Young Social Innovators Annual Showcase over the last number of years. Funding made available in 2013 was €15,000.




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