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County and City Development Boards.

The social inclusion role of the County and City Development Boards and the Social

Inclusion Measures (SIM) Co-ordinating Groups of the Boards continues to develop

particularly through their involvement in implementing the Joint Ministerial Initiative

on Improving Local and Community Development Structures and Programmes. This

has seen the CDBs / SIM Co-ordinating Groups having a key role in;


   * the endorsement of local/community development plans leading to greater 

      cohesion among agencies;

   * developing and monitoring the implementation of proposals from local/community

      development groups aimed at greater cohesion in service provision; and

   * the development and implementation of ‘Integrated and Targeted Plans’ (as set

      out in relevant guidelines from the D/EH&LG). These plans will be designed to

      identify a specific local socially excluded target group, outline why they are a

      county/city priority, indicate relevant measures to be carried out, and state how

      the plan will secure integration in service provision between agencies.

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